Energy Monitoring Management and Analysis System

Steel, textile, automotive, food, chemistry and coating sectors are among the sectors where energy is used intensively. The energy monitoring and management system, which will be installed with a newly designed automation/software and a some of meters, sensors and similar devices to be added to the enterprise, will monitor and manage the use of resources such as electricity, water and natural gas. The purpose of this system is to reduce production costs in the company, save energy and labor, and increase production efficiency.

With the energy monitoring, management and analysis system;

  • Realization of infrastructure in accordance with ISO: 50001 technical scope based on company practices,
  • In order to monitor the system continuously, it is necessary to monitor the use of all resources used in the company,
  • Monitoring and reporting deviations by following improvement targets,
  • If the chimney economizer outlet temperature is above the set value, it will give a warning by analyzing with artificial intelligence,
  • With the energy management system, it will be possible to create decision support software by storing data for creating institutional memory related to the relevant works in the company and evaluating the changes in the measurements taken from different places with respect to each other.

Our Data Collection Points;

  • Boiler room,
  • Compressor,
  • Boosters and pumps,
  • Water purification and reverse osmosis – Water purification,
  • Chimney filter systems,
  • Existing heat recovery systems,
  • Company main consumption amounts,
  • Consumption amounts of the company on the basis of departments,
  • Consumption amounts of in-house main machines