Özlü Mühendislik

Özlü Mühendislik, which started business life in 2001 with natural gas, mechanical installation, HVAC, project and contracting works, quickly expanded its place in the industry by combining the principles of quality and on-time delivery with team spirit, knowledge accumulation, and trust.

Aligned with the needs of our country and sector, we set new goals and carried out various energy efficiency projects in different sectors by working on energy efficiency in 2006, implementing many heat recovery and energy efficiency projects.

R&D work of RAMÖZLÜ that heat recovery and chimney filter system began in 2016. This machine went into mass production in 2019. RAMÖZLÜ system provides significant contributions in reducing carbon footprint, preserving the environment, and preventing climate change.

It tries to maximize working efficiency by minimizing human error by keeping the process, which starts with the discovery of the job and continues with offer, project, warehouse, purchasing, manufacturing, construction site, worker health and safety, under supervision and control with a special software.

Özlü Mühendislik, continuing to grow with the aim of becoming a global brand, continues its efforts to bring the latest techniques and technologies to our country and industry.

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