Detection and Reporting Of Compressed Air Leaks With Ultrasonic Measurement Device

Leaks occurring in compressed air systems can lead to energy waste and increased operating costs. Therefore, it is important that leaks are detected and eliminated quickly. Leak detection using traditional methods can be time-consuming and costly. However, ultrasonic measuring devices are an effective technology used to facilitate this process.

Ultrasonic measuring devices use high-frequency sound waves to detect leaks in compressed air systems. These devices provide information to the user by detecting sound waves emitted from areas that are illegal. Thanks to this, it is possible to quickly determine the location and size of the fugitives.

Ultrasonic measuring devices for the detection and reporting of compressed air leaks are an important tool for improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs. These devices offer a faster and more effective solution for detecting leaks. In addition, by creating detailed reports on the detection of fugitives, it ensures that the necessary measures are taken.

As Özlü Mühendislik, we present a detailed report to you by photographing the leakage points that we have detected with our expert team. In this report, we record the location, size and amount of leakage in terms of sound unit (dB). Thus, we allow you to clearly see the energy loss and cost caused by leaks.